Friday, December 6, 2013

Abandoned Lil Brownie from Klang

I was abandoned 6 months ago waiting on the same street for my owner to come back, but he never did.. Nobody fed me and I had to ransack garbage for food, often chased by kids with sticks and they even threw stones at me. 

Hence, I am a bit timid in nature but still loving, sweet, friendly and playful at times. I fancy hiding under the car. It makes me feel more comfortable & safe.

I’m about a year old; can you give me a second chance? I’m super well behaved! I seldom bark and I whine softly when I wanna poo/pee (prefer to do it on the grass). I can live happily with other dogs and people of all ages.

See the courageous Brownie coming from abandoned puppy to a fun loving dog!

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Nina the Camouflaged Hunter from Ipoh

Shhhh! What we’re looking at here in the jungle is Nina. Nina has a very unique coat that makes her camouflage in the woods and hunt for little animals. Now, we have to be very careful as Nina is extremely loving and craves to be cuddled.. so once she realizes there’s human presence she will lose it!

To prevent anymore cuteness overload on the Internet, please come take Nina away and keep her safely! Now let’s continue to the crocodile pond…

Nina the cute lady faux-hyena looking pup:

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Baby Ginger Girl from Petaling Jaya

Ehmehgerd!!! Iz that a mauz? Geddit outta ere!!! Are you sick, who’d play with a mauz!?

I lived in the street before I had my fair share of scary mauz, now I need a proper home with plenty of noms and hugs! Look at me! Do I look like I’m very good at mouse-catching!? Stop playing with that thing, puhleaseee take it away! I’ll stick to my own kind and play with them instead.

Now, here's what I am GREAT at.. being a supermodel with an elegant catwalk! Check out my irresistibly cute selfies and camwhore videos at:

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Stop Animal Abuse In Malaysia : Online Petition

Animal abuse is increasingly rampant in Malaysia, with senseless abuses and killings by local councils and cold-blooded people. We must act NOW, and act FAST.

Let's play a role in stopping animal abuse and cruelty! We aim to collect 50,000 signatures ASAP and present it to our Prime Minister.

Please sign the joint online petition by leading Malaysian animal welfare NGOs, and show how much you care about the animals. Spread the word to your friends too.

Together, we can make a difference.

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Friday, May 30, 2008

SPCA & PAWS Adoption Drive at Ikano

Hi Guys,

For those interested in adopting pets, or purely just want to indulge in the lovely pets that SPCA and PAWS have to offer, don't forget to go to Ikano!

Below are the event details:

Date: Thu - Sun, May 23 - Jun 15
Time: 10:00am - 6:00pm
Location: Courtyard, IKANO Power Centre, Mutiara Damansara.

Contact Phone: 03-42565312
Email: SPCA

SPCA will be at IKANO Power Centre every Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday, beginning from May 23 to June 15! Animals will be available for adoption, so if you want to adopt a pet and save a life, come and visit our booth! All SPCA Merchandise will also be sold, as well as information on animal welfare.

Volunteers are needed! If you are willing to lend a hand, please contact SPCA - make your weekends gratifying!

Volunteer Shifts:
Thursday to Friday:

Shift 1: 9am to 2pm (set-up)
Shift 2: 2pm to 6pm (pack-up)

We really hope to see you there!